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Anonymous: my mom gets upset at me and starts to rant, she goes on to compare me to my father which is one of the most rudest things, in my eyes she can do. she says i'm just like him and apple don't far from the tree. my father is abusive, inconsiderate, etc. i don't get how i'm like that at all and it hurts my feelings a lot when she says stuff like that. i want to tell her how much it hurts though i think she would just tell me all the reasons i am and it really makes me self-conscious. what do i do?

People say things they don’t mean when they’re angry and frustrated. Try sitting your mum down and talking to her, let her know that what she says makes you really upset. Your mother might be saying these things so it forces you to change the things you may be doing wrong. Be honest and talk to her, ask her what you need to do for her to stop ranting. e.g Help clean, study more, less time outside. I’m sure you can both come to a compromise if you work it out. I know it must be hard, but it’s worth a try.

-Nat xx

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Anonymous: my friend and i used to hang out a lot and be closer than close! it was great last summer we always went swimming, talked, slept over, and had a great time. now that she has a nice and sweet boyfriend i feel i been kicked to the curb. she is always hanging out with him and never invites me over. every time i invite her over she can't because shes doing something with her boyfriend. we barley hangout and i feel so replaced. what do i do so it can just be us hanging out for a day?

This often happens when girls get a boyfriend, they tend to push there girl friends away. She needs to find a balance between spending time with her boyfriend and private time with her friends. You need to talk to her about it and tell her how you feel.. Maybe she dosen’t realise what she’s doing. Try asking to do something over a weekend and if she’s still busy then maybe be honest and tell her that you miss being close and you feel as though her getting a boyfriend has made you girls drift apart. 

It’s not fair, if she was a true friend she would make time for her girl friends.

-Nat xx

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